How effective market research can help you identify and secure new business opportunities and drive growth across all industries.

Market research has come a long way over the last ten years. No longer just the province of call centers, modern businesses employ a variety of techniques to collect critical information about the market. Comprehensive market research is particularly important across the waste, mining, construction and engineering industries. Market research provides companies with the information necessary to identify and secure new opportunities in these markets.

Market research is a vital tool to business development across most industries. A waste company might use market research to compile effective tenders to secure business, while a mining company will need information on environmental compliance to secure development approvals. However, it can be difficult to know where and how to find the information that will help your business spearhead growth.

Harbak specialises in conducting market research to provide businesses with the information necessary to identify and secure a new opportunity. Harbak recently worked with a Waste and Rehabilitation company to assist them in securing business avenues with local councils. By conducting market research into the current commercial arrangements, Harbak was able to the client how they could tender effectively. Further, Harbak provided a report on key decision makers that allowed the client to focus on likely profitable avenues.

Additionally, Harbak have been sought out to conduct research for a professional service consultancy with plans to move into a new geographical location through acquisition. Harbak were able to locate details and industry knowledge of the key players and their clients, as well as research into market trends and risks. This information was extremely valuable to the client as it allowed them to meet a new client and further expand their business.

Harbak are experts at market research across the waste, mining, environmental, construction, and engineering industries. Harbak call on extensive industry experience and in-depth market research to deliver tangible value to clients. See how Harbak can help you to secure your current clients and seek out new business by contacting us today.

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Keiran Travers is the Founder and Director of Harbak. The company provides Business Management, Business Matchmaking (Business Development) and Advisory Services. Harbak offers business matchmaking services for small to medium-sized businesses who are looking to consolidate their existing clientele and grow their business connections and opportunities. Harbak can facilitate low-risk introductions with key industry stakeholders and find hidden revenue opportunities to drive business growth. Contact Harbak now to find out how you can expand your business opportunities.