Business Matchmaking

Harbak offers business matching making services for small to medium sized businesses who are wanting to consolidate their existing clientele, and grow their business connections and opportunities. Harbak can facilitate low risk introductions with key industry stakeholders and find hidden revenue opportunities to drive business growth.

Harbak helps your business development by:

  • Developing strategies and actions to hold onto existing clients
  • Undertaking detailed market research
  • Identifying and securing new opportunities and revenue for your business
  • Develop your business network by providing opportunity for senior staff to meet new clients and key industry and government players
  • Identifying market trends
  • Undertaking client audits and providing direct feedback that will guide your team’s future activities.
  • Development of comprehensive client management plans
  • Conducting client functions

We’re here to help

Are you looking to attract new clients or get more work from existing ones? Do you need help identifying new markets to approach? Harbak can help you create new opportunities for your business!