With multiple large-scale projects both proposed and underway, the mining and construction industry is rife with opportunity.

A year ago, mining and construction services were suffering. The completion of road tunnel projects coupled with the mining downturn caused the industry to enter a slump. This was highlighted by a large number of redundancies and company closures across the sector. Companies that focused on residential projects did well during this time, however many others experienced a period of low earnings.

Over the last 6-12 months, there has been a strong increase in opportunities in the sector, and with multiple large-scale projects underway it is expected that the industry will have continued success.

Projects underway include:

  • Casino development
  • Cross River Rail
  • Howard Smith Wharves
  • New Runway at Brisbane Airport

In addition to these projects, the following projects have been proposed:

  • Proposed Brisbane Metro
  • Brisbane Live (Market Led Proposal)
  • Proposed new works at Eagle Street pier (market led proposal)
  • Proposed works at 300 George Street

These projects signal great things for the construction industry, and opportunities are abundant for engineers, surveyors, planners, procurement and contract managers, construction workers, traffic controllers, safety officers and many more.

The abundance of work is great news for those looking to secure new business in South East Queensland but identifying and taking advantage of opportunities to secure new business can still be difficult. Attracting new business means being able to identify new markets to approach and extending your network to get in touch with key industry and government players.

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Keiran Travers is the Founder and Director of Harbak. The company provides Business Management, Business Matchmaking (Business Development) and Advisory Services. Harbak offers business matchmaking services for small to medium-sized businesses wanting to consolidate their existing clientele, and grow their business connections and opportunities. Harbak can facilitate low risk introductions with key industry stakeholders and find hidden revenue opportunities to drive business growth. Contact Harbak now to find out how you can expand your business opportunities.