Implementing Recycling Solutions – What To Watch Out For!

How to provide a responsible and efficient recycling service (that doesn’t cause you angst!)

I was recently at a friend’s BBQ when I was asked about recycling.  Many were concerned, even angry, expressing that the government was not doing enough about recycling.  There were comments and questions like “Councils should do more to stop landfilling”; “why can’t we recycle plastic?”; “surely we can recycle more” and “there needs to be a change in mindset!”

When I suggested that individuals may actually have to pay more in their rates for rubbish charges, the response was very different. Another friend of said that it was great news that a waste levy was being introduced. However, her enthusiasm rapidly evaporated when I said to her that the skip bin she uses for her house renovation would dramatically increase in cost from March.

It seems that people are keen for a change, as long as it doesn’t involve paying more! If you think this is an over-reaction, I suggest that you ask some of the staff at Woolworths and Coles after the 15 cents pe