On demand CFO’s and General Managers are revolutionising the fast growth of small to medium-sized businesses in Australia, enabling entrepreneurs to focus on their personal strengths and outsource the everyday stuff that they hate doing.

I have been providing small to medium-sized businesses with on-demand business management services for several years, working closely with NFP associations and SMEs that want to grow fast.

There are a number of different outsourced management roles that Harbak can provide:

  • CFOs – Managing the overall financial health of the business
  • General Business Management across staff, sales, marketing and administration
  • Everyday financial management, reporting on the company balance sheet and profit & loss
  • Business development (see our Business Matchmaking Service)
  • Client Management – Development of focussed client management plan that indicate where your clients are going to spend their money and how you can secure that work

Here are some key benefits to outsourcing your general management positions:

  • Entrepreneurial business owners can focus on what they do best, which is often driving the opportunities for growth, whilst the outsourced General Manager manages the day to day running of the operations
  • Outsource your weaknesses – many entrepreneurs go cold at the thought of balance sheet, P&Ls and company financial, outsourcing an on-demand CFO can ensure that the right information is provided to ensure the best business financial decisions are made
  • Consider the strengths your team right now and augment those skills with outsourced specialists. You’ll be surprised at how cost effective this can be. Often an outsourced role will complete the task set in half the time of a full-time person.
  • An Outsourced GM, allows you to concentrate on what you enjoy and can be highly cost-effective – You don’t have to worry about paying Super, Holidays and Sick Pay etc.

Keiran Travers is the Founder and Director of Harbak. The company provides Business Management, Business Match Making (Business Development) and Advisory Services. Harbak offers business management services for entrepreneurs, associations and small businesses within mining, waste management, construction and engineering industries. In outsourcing executive and financial management roles, Harbak can assure a low risk, safe pair of hands for this position. Contact us for an appointment today.