Harbak: Business Experts

Harbak’s Managing Director, Keiran Travers, started Harbak to provide quality business services within the waste management, mining, engineering, construction/ landscaping, environmental management, and to professional associations. The Harbak team has recently expanded to provide a wider service offering with more depth to provide better services to our clients. Harbak’s corporate social responsibilities include donating to Beyond Blue and Autism Queensland.

Our motto, Search. Find. Secure is the process Harbak goes through to search the market for new opportunities, find key players in your industry and then to secure the new project by placing you in front of the client.

Keiran Travers: Managing Director

For the last 25 years, Keiran Travers has been working closely with clients in government, waste management, mining, environmental management, landscaping, and construction fields to help find hidden opportunities for revenue through providing business management, business matchmaking, and business advisory services.