Meet Our Team

Our highly experienced and senior team have specifically operated in the waste, environmental, legislative and economic sectors, delivered services and recycling as contractors. Furthermore, our team has delivered presentations to Councils and industry groups on the development of new waste management infrastructure, procurement and contracting of waste management and resource recovery services and equipment and on-site operational management.

Keiran Travers: Managing Director

Keiran has Masters level qualifications in Business and Environmental Management. He has executive-level experience in both the private and public sector.

He assists clients by:

  • Funding applications
  • Procurement management
  • Technical Market research (waste and recycling)
  • Commercial advisory
  • Business Management
  • Environmental Applications

Keiran is Brisbane based.

What to learn more about Us?

Neil Perry: Project Management Services

Neil is an executive manager and leader of high performing teams and projects specialising in the waste management and resource recovery sectors. He is a former President of the Waste and Recycling Industry Association of Queensland, has a Bachelor in Business Studies and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

He assists clients by:

  • Advisory and project planning services
  • Business review, planning and strategy development services
  • Planning and managing key stakeholder relationships
  • Commercial analysis
  • Onsite resource recovery management

Neil is Brisbane Based.

Pravin Menon

  • Strategic advice and recommendations on Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Initiatives
  • Development of Business Cases and opportunities
  • Compliance and Regulatory advice
  • Environmental Approvals

Grace Mullins

  • Recycling and waste communications
  • Behavior change program design and delivery
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Visual design and graphics
  • Persuasive documentation (guidelines, factsheets, strategies)

Natasha Alford: Policy, Regulation and Governance

Natasha is the Director of Eveity and associate of Harbak. She holds undergraduate qualifications in Law and Science, and postgraduate qualifications in Sustainable Business and Sustainability Leadership. Her Masters dissertation and research papers focus on waste & circular economy across Australia and the Pacific region.

Natasha assists clients by:

  • Conducting analysis plans to identify waste challenges utilising qualitative, quantitative and legal research methodologies.
  • Developing strategic action plans and stakeholder engagement strategies to address waste challenges.
  • Evidence-based fit-for-future waste and circular economy policy and regulation.
  • Governance frameworks, systems and processes.
  • Feasibility studies and site options analysis.
  • Statutory approvals, including environmental impact assessment, auditing, compliance and reporting.

Natasha is Brisbane based.

Craig Lawrence: Economist

Craig is the owner of Lytton Advisory and a key associate of Harbak. He holds postgraduate qualifications in Economics, Finance and Management.

He assists clients by:

  • Economic analysis of waste infrastructure and services
  • Full cost pricing
  • Providing capex and opex advice on infrastructure projects

Craig is Brisbane Based.

Peter Mitchell: Commercial Advisor

Peter has qualifications in Accounting and Business. Peter is a highly experienced and qualified commercial advisor in terms of accounting, business strategy, commercial contracts and finance.

Peter assists clients by:

  • Commercial risk assessment
  • Contract management
  • Financial Management

Peter is Melbourne based.